Humanitarian Relief and Charity Mission to Orphans/Mission de Secours Humanitaire et Charite pour...

Best Future for Orphans  


The vision of the HRCMO; Humanitarian Relief and Charity Mission to Orphans as a relief society of men fighting aids group, is a Christian organization, it was founded and 0rganized in Africa by Apostle BAMA WA MOBUTU Gloire, with African brothers and sisters.




he has got the vision on August 20, 1986 when he was 16 years old, when he started informally a little project of helping orphans,

until on December 01, 2004 that the Organization was registered officially in the Democratic Republic of Congo government, then on October 15, 2008 it was registered officially in Kenyan government in Nairobi, then the organization was registered too in Ugandan government on April 3, 2008.

To mean HRCMO saw the day on August 20, 1986,

started working informally until December 1, 2004, the date that it was officially registered under Congolese government at the ministry of justice.

HRCMO will have 31 years of it existence this August 20,2017

and 13 years on December1,2017 since it were first officially registered on December 1, 2004.

Brother Apostle BAMA WA MOBUTU Gloire declared

“life is a piece of theatre, where each and every one have a major role to play, I am the own actor of my life, and this is my role to play, I am the lives changer, I am the world shaker, I am an history maker, no one and nothing will stop me, apart from God and Death. We are ordinary people, but we are going to do something extraordinary, service to God and Nations, by faith, from nothing to something. I want to be what God wants me to be and not what a man wants me to be“.

under his leadership the HRCMO members raised funds for assisting orphans in Africa and soon in around the world, sewed clothes for the orphans and needy people, widows and poor. Nursed the sick cared for the poor and gave relief where it were needed.

During the early ages of the HRCMO, Apostle BAMA WA MOBUTU Gloire, orphans and members suffered many trials and persecution from vision killers.

A personal revelation given to him in 1992 through one of the servants of God, that time that he will become a great leader, an Apostle of Jesus Christ and he will do something that will help the world in general and orphans in particular, that he will get Angels visitations.

He gave him instructions and promised great blessings even a “crown of righteousness” if he will obey the commandments of God, remain faithful and caring for the church and orphans.

This happened on July 24, 2016; Brother Apostle Bama WA Mobutu Gloire was ordained an Apostle of Jesus Christ, by other Brothers Apostles with pure Authority.

Brother Disciple Gerard of the D.R. Congo prophesized the same to him in 1994.

Brother Bishop Fanuel Andango of Kenya prophesized the same to him in 2001.

Brother Disciple John Ndege of Kenya prophesized the same to him in 2007.

He was a hard working man, gifted writer and poet who wrote many churches hymns in Lingala and Kiswahili languages and supported education. He was also talented, creative, changing dreams to reality, positive thinker, vigorously involved in missionary work, throughout his life teaching the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and baptized many people.

Opened many local churches in different area and nations. Where others fails and feared he went and served a successful missionary work, start teaching soul to soul, heart to heart, until to resemble people and establish a local branch. When the spiritual church went into apostasy in Africa from 1994,

brother Bama wa Mobutu Gloire was the pioneer who helped to restore and established the true church in Africa.

In 2005 he had the vision to help to organize the HRCMO organization in all local churches he will open and in all over the world. Later he shall organize an orphan’s primary department and organization for young men and women, single adults in each local worldwide branches and country where HRCMO –shall establish it activities.

Brother Apostle BAMA WA MOBUTU Gloire’s vision emphasized spiritually and self- sufficiency, The HRCMO future vision, shall send orphans, widows, single mothers and youth to medical schools, train nurses, open the desert hospital, orphanage homes, children’s centers, vocational training centers, will operate and create cooperative stores etc…

We shall Promote silk manufacture, saved wheat, built granaries and begin publishing the woman’s and orphans exponent. Even Investing in agriculture. In 2005 the humanitarian relief and charity mission to orphans had more than 1,200 members in 30 different communities and area and branches in 7 countries and territories. Note that this are not church members, but HRCMO’s members. He was a man of great compassion, courage, faith, hard working, love to others and humility.

Apostle Bama wa Mobutu Gloire lay a special attention to the missionary work, baptizing and won many souls to Christ and his church, the needs of orphans widow single adult brothers and sisters, single mothers and poor families.

he summarized the mission of the HRCMO in four basic principles;

1). building faith and testimony,

2). strengthening families, and orphan’s guardians.

3). giving compassionate service to the orphans, youth poor, widows, single mothers and sustaining the priesthood and church leaders, supports pastors and their families. 4). building local churches and HRCMO offices.

His motto was “ WE WANT TO BE WHAT GOD WANTS US TO BE AND NOT WHAT MAN WANTS US TO BE. SERVICE TO GOD AND NATIONS, Charity never failth, unity is power, yes together we can”

He got the vision that HRCMO will work forth with different denominational churches that we must to have the representative, who can assist us to know more about the situation of orphans and collecting some orphans gifts from well wishers also distributing our humanitarian aid to orphans in their respective area of living.

In the year 2006-2007 after War of the post election violence in Kenya, HRCMO focused on relief effort for the orphans and people suffering in Kenya. The organization shipped clothes, bedding, soap and other necessities to war-torn areas. During 2008 HRCMO increased its emphasis on education, disaster relief, especially Welfare, homemaker, education and social services, emergency preparedness, members’ welfare around the world, as well as relief for war victims. The HRCMO members and well wishers shall raise funds to build or to buy the organization building headquarters, which will be dedicated in soon and a shop where orphans can display and sell their handwork to supplement their families’ income. This building will serve as the Headquarters office of the Humanitarian Relief and Charity Mission to Orphans.

HRCMO shall be cooperating, networking with governments, relief agencies, other NGOs, multi marketing network organizations, international organizations, to create employments to members, and help lay the groundwork for the HRCMO welfare system. And cooperate with community welfare agencies.