Humanitarian Relief and Charity Mission to Orphans/Mission de Secours Humanitaire et Charite pour...

Best Future for Orphans  

12.1.        FUNDS


a)      the funds of the Non Governmental Organization HRCMO may also be used for the following purposes :

- Expenditure and Banking          

(i)      To care for, and assist needy widows, orphans, single mothers, poor, disabled, youth, abandoned victim and not victim of HIV/AIDS, neglected, diabetics, vulnerable, prisoners and street children to alleviate suffering and be self-supporting.

(ii)                To establish community centers for educational training, building orphan’s homes and children’s centers, social or community activities, voluntary services counseling and worship.

(iii)               Purchase, or development of property or physical facilities

(iv)              Support of staff, field workers, volunteers, evangelism, missionaries, discipleship and branches planting.

(v)                Covering recurrent administration expenses and official travel and lodging.  

(vi)              Assisting the association members, when in life threatening difficult or illness, in a manner that shall be resolved by the committee.

A sum not exceeding $100 (ONE HUDRED US DOLLARS only), which shall be properly accounted for, may be kept for minor emergency or petty disbursement.


b)      all moneys and funds shall be received by and paid to the treasurer and shall be deposited by him in the name of the Non Governmental Organization/NGO HRCMO in the co-operative bank of Kenya or in any other bank or banks approved by the committee.

c)      No payment shall be made out of the bank account without the resolution of the committee authorizing such payments and all checks on such bank account shall be signed by the treasure or the assistant treasurer and one other office bearer of the Non Governmental Organization/NGO HRCMO who shall be appointed by the committee.

d)      A sum not exceeding $100 may be kept by the treasurer for petty documents of which proper account shall be kept.

e)      The committee shall have power to suspend any office bearer who it has reasonable cause to believe is not proper accounting for any of the funds or property of the Non Governmental Organization and shall have power to appoint another person in his place. Such suspension shall be reported to a general meeting to be convened on a date not later than two months from the date of such suspension and the general meeting shall have full power decide what further action should be taken in the matter.

f) other HRCMO s funds shall be used for reseach.

The financial year of the Non Governmental Organization shall be from 1st January to 31st December