Humanitarian Relief and Charity Mission to Orphans/Mission de Secours Humanitaire et Charite pour...

Best Future for Orphans  








Dear Sir/Madam, and friends,


Greetings in the beloved name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.


The Humanitarian Relief and Charity Mission to orphans,


still wishes you a blessed orphans day that we do celebrate each year the 15th day of June.


This date is the international day of remembering orphans world wide, particular the Orphans of Africa.


The Humanitarian Relief and charity Mission to orphans shall be the only one NGO and Organization world wide that sjall be focusing and provide the needs of orphans, only for the best future for orphans a part from small groups, CBOs, NGOs.

Our main objectives are:


 The objectives of the Non-Governmental Organization/NGO, which will remain non-political and non-profit making, are:


1.       (a) To reach, empower, rehabilitate, transform, and advocate the cause of, care, to assist needy widows, orphans, single mothers, poor, disabled, youth, abandoned victim and no victim of HIV/AIDS, diabetics, neglected, vulnerable, minorities, pygmies, elderly, refugees, prisoners and street children. Promoting awareness of their needs and striving to meet those needs. To alleviate suffering through provision of education, counseling, food, medical care, clean water, clothing, shelter, And teach them how they can prepare their future to become self-reliant, volunteers counselors for prevention of HIV/AIDS, drugs, diabetes and malaria.

2.       (b) To seek to do good to the bodies and souls of disadvantaged people through compassionate, good Samaritan work, reconciliation, volunteers, relief and charity ministries visiting and helping the sick, those who are in prison, give food and medicines  to the hungry and HIV/AIDS positives, the afflicted, ministering to the needy, to rehabilitate, integrate and encouraging adoption, by using volunteers for placement of orphans in the families and communities for reduction and HIV/AIDS prevention as resources and means are made available.

3.       ©  To establish community centers for educational skills, orphan’s homes, children’s centers, vocational training and seminars for the local communities on orphans issues to enable talents development right from the grassroots, worship, young men Christian association, social and other community activities for the local people, organize relevant courses, to promote social economic development, income generating amenities to its members, for contributing money amongst themselves as a merry go round kind of style, includes offering courses to orphans, needy children and community activities for creating employment for empowering members economically, helping to eradicate poverty and suffering so that members they can become self-reliant by reducing epidemic spread in order.

4.       (d)  To advance the kingdom of God around the world by training and sending missionaries, apostles, through the preaching and teaching of the biblical message, gospel of Jesus Christ, peace,  relief,  charity, humanitarian aid, integration, reconciliation for the salvation of souls, victim of HIV/AIDS combating social evils, HIV/AIDS and assist spiritually, morally, materially and financially the development projects of different groups in the community,  equipping and supporting church leaders without any discrimination.  Opening Branches in all over the country and worldwide.

(e) To facilitate and provide means for the development of mind, body and spirit through educational training, counseling, reconciliation, voluntary community services, infrastructures, discipleship, national and international conferences and holy living. To defend the orphan’s right  and supporting education for girls. To create micro credit cassias, loans, cooperatives, schools, hospitals, health centers, literature and press, primary, secondary, university schools for orphans, sponsorship, scholarship, bursary, friendship, spiritual retreat, correspondence out side of the country, exchange of experiences, networking, careering for environmental, photo studios, beauty salons, restaurants, polytechnics, tailoring, bakeries, to promote fishing bonds, agriculture, farmers, etc…

f) Make friends in all over the world with those who will reciprocate in the same manner.


g) Respect for the sovereignty of each state and equality of states in international relations wherever HRCMO will plant its activities and easing of our missionaries and members.

h) Promote communities and privates participation in the provision of shelter for orphans.

i) Protect orphans from labor and armed conflict, guarantee them right to name, nationality, inheritance of the heritage of their parents, land ownership and ensure orphans including disabled are treated with dignity, protect them from abuse, from harmful drugs, cultural rites, offer protection from sexual exploitation, torture and deprivation of liberty privacy and heritance.

j) Create employment ventures for the orphans so that they can be self reliant, encourage the private sector to absorb the orphans in their internship program on a regular basis when opportunities arise. Mobilize resources in support of viable income generating activities for orphans and support various orphans’ organizations.

k) Eradicates orphans female genital mutilation (OFGM). Increasing the number of orphans in active employment, expand communication and networks of orphan’s organization world wide, private sectors and local communities. Orphans tourism program, by increasing partnerships, collaboration and designing tree planting programmes for orphans on private and communally owned land through improved extension services and public cleaning.


We are working and networking with different groups, government’s agencies, other NGOs, CBOs, Relief agencies, private sectors, individual, churches, schools, and every volunteer who wish to be a member staff of this organization. These help us to know more about orphan’s world wide and easy way to distribute some gifts that the sponsors, donors and well wishers are giving them and collect also some gift that the well wishers and good Samaritans are helping with the orphans in your area..

In order to know more about the orphans in your Area and to be connected with them, we need a volunteer coordinator in your Area, who will help us in this way.

We wish to inform you that if you wish to be a volunteer coordinator and missionary representative of this organization in your area and nation, please let us know so that we can send you some materials and how to get start. We advise you also to pass this information to 10 of your trusted people, friends and colleagues.

We need to invite you after this in our African Missionary Training Centre (AMTC) to get the training you need, also in our career workshop and our general assembly that will be held in each  month of August after the church general assembly.

If you are in Africa and you need to be registered as a member of this organization, you need to pay a voluntary non-refundable registration fees of $20 only or it equivalent.

If you are in East or southern Africa, please contact our regional office and mission representative on P.O.Box 00200 NAIROBI KENYA, TEL +.

If you are in central, North or Western Africa contact our Regional office P.O.Box 515 L’SHI D.R.Congo, Tel +243 81 211 6835

The best way of sending your registration fees please use WESTERN UNION Money transfer or if you are in Kenya, the cheapest way of sending your registration fee, use the Vodacom M-PESA to +243 81 211 6835, inform us directly when you are transferring your payment.

If you need some additional information and how to get the registration form, visit our websites at:

When you will be ready to send your registration fee, please let us know so that we can send you more information, even an account number if you wish. If you wish to be a volunteer coordinator and missionary representative let us know. And we need your reply please. We hope to hear from you soon as possible.

Orphans are every where in the world and we believe too the area where you are and in your nation they are. And there is no other way we can reach them without to have somebody in the area. Being an orphan it is not a shame, but it is a responsibility to all to take care of our orphans. All of us we was born with our parents but, because to die is a must it makes many children without one or both parents, and HIV/AIDS pandemic is now in our communities where many left without there partners. Me to day, You tomorrow, if we don’t want to help these orphans, we will find them on the street and after they will grown up on the street without hope or any career, they will become thieves and bandits, and our communities, me, you and our children we will be in danger, because any time they will be ready to destroy us. That is why it is our responsibilities to help them to grown in God’s way and helping them with careers so that they can become what God wants them to be. We wish to inform you that being a member of this organization it is not a must, but if you fill in your heart that you have that burden of helping and standing with the orphans world wide you are welcome and you can join the millions of others in this initiative.

Soon as possible we shall send some of our staff in your area, and soon as possible we plan to have many of our missionaries in each country

May God Bless you abundantly.



YOURS in the lord’s vineyard

Apostle Bama wa Mobutu Gloire

Principal Coordinator