Humanitarian Relief and Charity Mission to Orphans/Mission de Secours Humanitaire et Charite pour...

Best Future for Orphans  




(a)    Any  person of, or over the age of eighteen years shall be 

Eligible for membership of the Non Governmental Organization HRCMO and shall subject to the approval of the committee, become a member on payment of an entrance fee of US $ 20 (twenty US Dollars only), or registration in full as required by the committee.

(b)    Every member shall pay a monthly subscription of five US dollars not later than 15th day of the month.

(c)    Any member desiring to resign from the Non Governmental Organization HRCMO shall submit his or her resignation to the secretary, which shall take effect from the date of receipt by the secretary of such notice.

(d)    Any member may be expelled from membership if the committee so recommends and if a general meeting of the Non Governmental Organization shall resolve by two - thirds of the members present that such a member should be expelled on the grounds that his conduct has adversary affected the reputation or dignity of the Non Governmental Organization/NGO HRCMO, or that he has contravened any of the provisions of the constitution of the society. The committee shall have power to suspend a member from his membership until the next general meeting of the Non Governmental Organization HRCMO following such suspension notwithstanding such suspension a member whose expulsion is proposed shall have the right to address the general meeting at which is to be considered.

(e)    Any person who resigns or is removed from membership shall not be entitled to a refund of his subscription or any part thereof or any moneys contributed by him any time.

(f)     Any member falls into arrears with his monthly subscription for more than 6 (six) months shall automatically cease to be a member of the Non Governmental Organization HRCMO and his name shall be struck off the register of members. The committee may however at its discretion, reinstate such member on payment of the total amount of subscription outstanding.